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6 days ago

Care Center Vets

September is #animalpainawareness Month! Do you know some of the signs to look for to see when your furry family members are in pain?Common signs of pain in dogs include: • Decreased social interaction• Anxious expression• Submissive behavior• Refusal to move• Whimpering• Howling• Growling• Guarding behavior• Aggression; biting• Decreased appetite• Self-mutilation (chewing)• Changes in postureCommon signs of pain in cats include:• Reduced activity• Loss of appetite• Quiet/loss of curiosity• Changes in urinary/defecation habits• Hiding• Hissing or spitting• Lack of agility/jumping• Excessive licking/grooming• Stiff posture/gait• Guarding behavior• Stops grooming/matted fur• Tail flicking• Weight loss

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