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3 days ago

CARE Center Vets

Did you know that November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month? We want to introduce you to one of our superheroes, Mr. Kitty!

Mr. Kitty started having some neurological symptoms in April 2019. At first, we thought it might be a nasal tumor due to his persistent nasal drainage. Instead, an MRI showed a very small brain tumor. He was having trouble standing up, let alone walking, eating or drinking. We performed sterotactic radiation (high dose, extremely targeted radiation) over 3 days and immediately Mr. Kitty started to feel better.

Over the next few months, Mr. Kitty's nose continued to bother him even though his neurological signs were almost gone. In October 2019, we did a recheck MRI and found that poor Mr. Kitty had a second tumor - a nasal tumor! We started a second course of stereotactic radiation, this time directed at the nasal tumor. We were very concerned because Mr. Kitty was not eating well because the tumor was so large. We gave him a temporary feeding tube, but that did not last long because only a few days after treatment, he was back to eating like his normal self!

Mr. Kitty is now 6 months out from his brain tumor radiation, which is in remission, and 2 weeks out from his nasal tumor radiation, which is presently in a partial remission. He has made a huge turn around and is eating, playing and acting like his old self. We are so happy that our oncology team could help give him a better quality of life, not just once, but twice! #patientspotlights ... See MoreSee Less

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