Blood Bank

Just like humans, pets sometimes need a blood transfusion. That’s why our commitment to the best care possible includes housing a non-profit Animal Blood Bank, giving our local and national veterinary community immediate access to critical blood resources and products if a pet is seriously ill. We’re pleased to partner with Hoxworth and Hill’s to provide this valuable, life-saving service.

For more information on the program, please visit

Care Center is currently recruiting healthy dogs to be a part of the K-9 Lifeline. To see if your pet qualifies to be a lifesaving donor, please taking this brief survey today. Your heroic dog could save another precious dog’s life through a procedure that’s forgotten by the time you share a good-dog treat.

In addition to knowing that your dog is saving another life, you can also enjoy:

  • One free bag of Hill’s adult dog food with every donation
  • One free Care Center emergency office visit per year
  • One free Care Center laboratory screening per year
  • Free blood resources, up to the amount donated should your dog ever require a transfusion