Radioiodine (I-131)


Middle-aged and older cats often suffer from hyperthyroidism. This condition is caused by a benign tumor of the thyroid gland that begins to over-produce thyroid hormone. Results can include weight loss despite increased appetite, vomiting and often heart disease.

Radioiodine (I-131) Services

Our hyperthyroidism treatments include:

  • Medication - This blocks synthesis of thyroid hormone, and must be maintained for the life of the cat.
  • Surgery – removal of the tumor
  • Radioactive iodine/I-131 - I-131 has many advantages:
    • 94% curative
    • Least expensive long-term treatment
    • No daily pills required
    • No surgical risk

Care Center offers I-131 treatment in association with I-Cat. To learn more about I-Cat, click here. You can schedule a treatment for I-131 at the Care Center by calling 513-530-0911.