Teri Rae Armstrong

Teri Rae Armstrong

Location: Cincinnati

Dr. Teri Rae Armstrong received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 2022. Soon after, Dr. Armstrong joined the Care Center ER Immerse program, which is intended to offer support and extended training to those veterinarians who are new to emergency medicine. Dr. Armstrong has always had an interest in science and found that veterinary medicine encompassed several different aspects of medicine, making it the perfect field for her. Along with an interest in science, Dr. Armstrong has a love of pets – with seven dogs (Carlie, Tutu, Howey, Bentley, Lou, Margo, and Phoebe) and two rats (Clover and Poppy) of her own! Dr. Armstrong enjoys working in emergency medicine, as she is able to learn a lot quickly, and see interesting and unusual cases each shift. When she isn’t saving lives in our ER, Dr. Armstrong can be found hiking trails with her dogs, painting, and spending time with her family.

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