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We can't thank Care Center enough for all you did to nurse Belle back to health! Everyone at the Care Center was so compassionate, friendly and patient with Belle and us as she was fighting this horrible virus. Because of all of you, we were able to take Belle home to love her and watch her grow!

Thank you!!
Sam and Michele Funk

Radioiodine (I-131)

Erick Mears, DVM, DACVIM

Hyperthyroidism is a common disease in middle-aged and older cats. It is a condition caused by a benign tumor of the thyroid gland that begins to produce too much thyroid hormone. The net result of this is usually weight loss in the face of increased appetite, vomiting, and often times heart disease.
Treatment for hyperthyroidism is with either:

  • Medication (which blocks synthesis of thyroid hormone). Medication must be given for the life of the cat.
  • Surgery (to remove the tumor)
  • Radioactive iodine, or I-131.

I-131 has many advantages:

  • 94% curative
  • Least expensive long-term treatment
  • No daily pilling
  • No surgical risk

Care Center offers I-131 treatment in association with I-Cat. To learn more about I-Cat, click here. You can schedule a treatment for I-131 at the Care Center by calling Dr. Erick Mears and I-Cat at: 1-866-497-3784.


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